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Website has been launched, but clueless how to reach desired benchmark? We guarantee you reach your target. We do know how to generate internet traffic, improve ranking and proliferate the volume of business. Our experts or trained Search Engine Optimizers (SEO) are well-conversant and competent enough in social bookmarking service area. A Social bookmarking site is primarily a community-based site where visitors are invited to vote or bookmark their favourite web-contents and ask their friends to join the group, or network, thereby popularising those web-contents giving more exposure by social bookmarking sites and generating more traffic, improving ranking and proliferating businesses.

So, if New to this head-whirling world with a concept of business or a unique idea and want that get exposed at the earliest, let entrust the responsibility of 'constraint maximization' of your website that vies for a prominent place among hundreds of thousands unto the experts in the area of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Client Review

"Lokenath Web Solution has provided me with linking services now for around 2 months. In that time, I have received a report on time, each week as promised. Also, the results have been nice in the short time we have been working on a few keywords. Due to privacy, I will not share my niche, keywords and website, but the rankings include highly competitive keywords and over 60% are now on first page. Results, white hat - high quality links and timely communication are my experience with Lokenath Web Solution. I am a committed customer."


Keyword Google.co.uk Overall competition
gun shop uk 1 18,300,000
Rifle Scopes 3 7,190,000
shooting clothing 5 7,190,000
shooting clothing sale 1 19,800,000
Guns & Accessories 5 1,360,000
Gun Centre 1 1,360,000
Gun Clearance 1 1,360,000
combination gun for sale uk 6 75,400
Largest Gun Shop 3 236,000
As on January 2016
Keyword Google.com.au Overall competition
welding supplies online 4 2,590,000
 online welding supplies 4 2,590,000
welding tools australia 5 108,000,000
welding accessories 5 5,280,000
Buy Welding Supplies Online 3 19,200,000
As on January 2014
Keyword Google.com.uk Overall competition
Production control software uk 1 32,000,000
Production control software 7 73,800,000
As on 2015
Keyword Google.com Overall competition
printer scanner 1 1,770,000
 printer wireless 5 32,000,000
As on January 2016
Keyword Google.com.uk Overall competition
Laser Cutting Leeds 7 1,360,000
As on January 2013
Keyword Google.com Overall competition
Taxi Usa 6 91,900,000
Yellow Cab USA 3 3,390,000
Yellow Cab Company 2 108,000,000
Yellow Cab 1 19,800,000
Yellow Cab near me 4 32,000,000
As on January 2013
Flooring Inc. Logo
Keyword Google.com.sg Overall competition
carpet tiles 4 26,200,000
Outdoor Carpet Tiles 5 16,600,000
Outdoor Flooring 6 8,840,000
Commercial Carpet Tiles 9 1,770,000
As on January 2016
Keyword Google.com.sg Overall competition
history tuition 2 2,590,000
As on January 2013
Keyword Google.com.sg Overall competition
geography tuition 1 9,030,000
As on January 2013
Keyword Google.com Overall competition
TV providers 1 126,000,000
Television Providers 1 65,600,000
Satellite TV Providers 2 12,400,000
Cable TV and Internet 2 201,000,000
Satellite TV and Internet 3 72,400,000
internet tv providers 9 11,900,000
satellite tv on internet 2 72,100,000
cable tv on internet 1 103,000,000
tv and internet providers 1 90,300,000
satellite tv internet 9 72,400,000
cable tv suppliers 11 11,100,000
As on Mar 30, 2011
Keyword Google.com Overall competition
Clearfield Utah Real Estate 1 454,000
Clearfield UT Real Estate 2 356,000
Real Estate in Clearfield Utah 2 2,180,000
Real Estate Clearfield UTah 2 2,180,000
Real Estate in Clearfield UT 2 715,000
Clearfield Real Estate 5 2,690,000
As on Mar 30, 2011
Keyword Google.com Overall competition
Syracuse Utah Real Estate 1 14,000,000
Real Estate Syracuse Utah 2 8,550,000
Syracuse UT Real Estate 2 1,380,000
Real Estate in Syracuse Utah 2 8,390,000
Syracuse Real Estate 9 14,000,000
As on Mar 30, 2011
Keyword Google.com Overall competition
Riverton Utah Real Estate 1 1,500,000
Riverton UT Real Estate 3 1,500,000
Real Estate in Riverton Utah 3 1,500,000
Real Estate Riverton UT 3 1,500,000
As on Mar 30, 2011
Keyword Google.com Overall competition
Buy Ebook 3 263,000,000
Buy Ebooks 15 163,000,000
As on Mar 30, 2011
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